2018-01-10 23:37:55 by NigelFlash

I don't know if Aquaman will ever have a 10th episode (If it does, it'll be the finale)
But last summer I decided to mess around with animation again and whipped up some small gems of fighting animation. BGs would come last, but here's some of the battle highlights.

"Arshes & Glenn's Dual Strike"

"Overwhelming Diloza (1st Form)"

"Yellow unleashes fury at 2nd Form Diloza"

Now if only I could make the first 9 episodes of Aquaman look like this without having to redo them...


2017-08-05 23:27:40 by NigelFlash

Well I successfully remade a game from my old account 'Cackletta' and got my first trophy on NG! Even if it was 5th place. I think i'll keep up this whole 'remaking old awful games' thing I got going. Now which old game should I remake.... hmmmmmmm?

Which gaaaaame?


Well! This game's about to go through a lot of awesome changes! Click the first image to play the original before the remake comes out!



2017-03-19 00:39:36 by NigelFlash

War of Glory, for the most part, is completely finished! The newgrounds version will be receiving NO MORE UPDATES!

I have created a DOWNLOADABLE VERSION which is essentially how the game was supposed to be. It's essentially just soundtrack changes, but I had to swap the original soundtrack for Newgrounds music in order to keep it copyright free and enable medals into the game. (Since I love to use Video Game music)



After years of absence I have returned to Newgrounds! From what I understand, Flash is not the big thing it once was and hardly anyone actually spends time to play flash games and watch flash cartoons these days (though correct me if I am totally wrong) but I have been toying with flash and have had a reborn interest in making simple flash entertainment for the folk of Newgrounds to enjoy or make fun of (either way, it's a good time!)

My biggest project at the moment is my webcomic: Wardens of Espora, which I honestly would love it if you would all check it out! It would be a very big help!


If anyone remembers 2013, I was developing a game alongside a guy known as Muksmiddulit, unfortunately the game eventually faded into obscurity and was never completed. It was a noble project that became a big part of my early highschool days, but all things must come to pass. However, new, exciting things are coming among the horizon and I am excited to venture into the world of the Newgrounds Portal once again!


(In honor of my 13 year old self, I will announce my age even though no one cares... I AM NOW 19 GUYS!)